Wipe Your Paws doggie daycare is an excellent opportunity for both you and your dog!

Playing WestieYour dog will love daycare at Wipe Your Paws!  Dogs are pack animals by nature and enjoy the company of other dogs.  Daycare provides a safe, loving environment for your dog to learn to socialize and play with other dogs.  Regular interaction with different dogs (and people) is an important part of your dog’s overall health and happiness.

The benefits of daycare include: developing and improving socialization skills, a positive outlet for your dog’s energy, exercise and supervised fun and games.

Wipe Your Paws doggie daycare is almost as beneficial to you as it is for your dog!  Wipe Your Paws daycare allows you the flexibility to go about your busy day without the anxiety of getting home to walk your dog or the worry of what your pooch is up to (and destroying) at home.  You can drop your dog off and feel confident that they are in the very best hands of our staff and having a ball with their friends.  When you return to pick up your pup, you pick up a well-exercised and relaxed dog that is ready to settle in with your family at home.

What you should know about Wipe Your Paws daycare:

  • You must set up an evaluation appointment for your dog for their first visit to daycare.  You can do so by calling 914-242-7297.  After your dog is cleared for daycare you can drop off anytime during daycare hours – no call ahead necessary!
  • We are open 7:30 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday and 9 am to 5 pm on Saturdays.  We are closed Sundays.
  • An early morning drop off (as early as 7 am) can be arranged Monday though Friday at no charge, we just need 24 hours notification.  You can call us at 914-242-7297 to make these arrangements.
  • All dogs that enter Wipe Your Paws daycare are fully vaccinated and have passed a temperament evaluation.
  • Dogs over 9 months must be neutered/spayed.
  • There is always at least one dog professional in the daycare area supervising all the dogs.
  • Your dog is walked outside at least once every 2 hours either individually or with one other dog.
  • Fresh water is always available for your dog.
  • Due to various allergies that dogs can have, we do not give dogs any treats or food unless provided by their owner.  We are happy to feed your dog breakfast, lunch or dinner – just bring it in a bag with their name on it.
  • We do not charge any additional fee for all the fun your dog will have, it’s all part of daycare!

Doggie Daycare Rates:

The Shopper’s Special (up to 2 hours)

Golden Retriever with LeashHave to run a quick errand?  Need to get your Target fix in?  Food shopping for dinner tonight?  Meeting a friend for a cup of coffee?

Drop your pup off for a quick romp for just $16.

Conference Call (up to 5 hours)

Go ahead and jump on that conference call, meet your friends for a tennis match, catch up with your friends over lunch or get all the running around you have to do done while your kids are in school and your pup is playing and socializing in daycare.

Your freedom comes to you at the reasonable price of $28.

Someone’s Gotta Work Around Here (up to 8 hours)

While you go to work have the peace of mind that your dog is living the life.

Have peace of mind for just $38.

The Long Haul (over 8 hours)

Lots to do… work, PTA meeting, pick up and drop off the kids at soccer, lacrosse and hockey and squeezing in a spin class? Why drag the dog around or leave him at home all day alone?  No need.

Fido can have a day just as fun and productive as you for $44.

At Wipe Your Paws we do not have set times to drop off or pick up your dog by in order to qualify for the above specials.  You can bring your dog in at any time during daycare hours.

*We offer 10% discount daycare rate for any additional dogs in the same family

Please call us at 914-242-PAWS (7297) or email us at to find out how to get your dog started in daycare.  Vaccination records can be faxed to us at 914-242-3289.  We’re here to answer all your questions.

Please see our “Directions & Hours” page or click here for our holiday hours this season.

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